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The Netherlands

As you probably know by now, we live in the Netherlands, or, as a lot of people also call it, Holland. The reason why our name is The "Nether"lands is because a big part of our little country is situated below sea level. Like our international airport, it is about 8 meters under sea level.

So for all our sakes and for the sake of all tourists that fly in on "Schiphol" our biggest international airport, let's hope our dykes will hold. Or we all will get very wet feet.....

We live in a town called Apeldoorn, located about 85 Km ( 53 miles) straight east from Amsterdam, our capital city. Apeldoorn is a city with about 150,000 inhabitants and lies in the center of the green heart of the Netherlands, our national park "The Veluwe".

It is one of our most important and biggest  nature reserves. Still ...very small compared to other parks in the world, but then again.... what is big in Holland.

Enjoy our photos