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Shanghai 2 Home

Wednesday 15.08.2012

Well, that's all folks!

Only one more night in China to go. Today a driver picked us up from the parking at the entrance of Ping'an village and brought us within 2 hours to the airport, where our flight appeared to have been delayed … again. Only this time they started to offer us a free meal (an airplane meal, which was terrible) and then the announcement that we had to get in a bus that would bring us to a hotel. The delay became quite a serious one and nobody could tell us what was going on. So again “go with the flow” to a bus that took us to a hotel in Guilin and got us a room for a couple of hours. Finally around 4 pm we received the message that we could go back to the airport. Here we got a refund of 200 yuan per person, about 26 euro, still had to wait a while, but eventually, 7 hours later, we flew to Shanghai. The upside of it, we made some new friends, and Italian couple and a German couple.

Once in Shanghai we took the subway to get near our hotel and after a short walk we arrived in the lobby where, as expected, we got the royal treatment and a free upgrade to an “Executive room”. A nice big room with a big bathroom with a nice view of the city, with even our own service desk and executive bar. But since we remember where we come from, we chose to have a beer amongst the common people ...... :-)) We are convinced that our picture will be up there next to Charlie Chaplin's and Albert Einstein's in future. Tomorrow we will have a long flight to London and then to Amsterdam. We are looking forward to see our cats again and to sleep in our own bed.

We hope you enjoyed our adventure, the stories we wrote and the pictures we took. Thanks for your comments, funny remarks, advise and tips … in short, thanks for your attention!

Until next time!

Hilke & Paul

Script: Paul & Hilke

Photography: Paul

Editor: Hilke

Special thanks to: The Gouverment for not censoring too much (we think)

Special thanks to: China Eastern, Western and Southern Airlines for their delayed flights (three out of six). They gave us plenty of time to write on our blog.

And in case you wonder: She she is Chinese for Thank you!

Enjoy our photos